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Homeland Security & Public Safety (BS)

Homeland Security & Public Safety (BS)

Bachelor of Science

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4 years


Vincennes Campus
California - NBC
California - NBSD
California - NMC

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The Homeland Security and Public Safety degree’s main endeavor is to prepare students for the endless amounts of job opportunities that await educated and eager young adults to fill them. In this program, students will learn about topics such as homeland security, terrorism in all forms, crisis and emergency management, intelligence, infrastructure, loss prevention, and public safety. Students will be taught by highly experienced homeland security professors in an excellent and innovative environment.

Within this rapidly expanding field, there are many fields to be explored. Fields including law enforcement, public health, information analysis, infrastructure protection; chemical, biological, radio-logical and nuclear countermeasures, border and transportation security, emergency preparedness and response and other exciting and rewarding careers.

There are a few options for receiving your Bachelor of Science in homeland security and public safety. It is offered as a four-year degree at the Vincennes University main campus. You can also explore the option of obtaining a degree through the well-recognized online program. Another option to receiving your bachelor’s degree in HSPS is by obtaining your associate’s first in Law Enforcement, conservation law, loss prevention, fire science, emergency management, emergency medical service, political science, and legal studies.

Homeland Security and Public Safety Bachelor Degree

A bachelor's degree in Homeland Security will qualify you for positions within the federal government. Agencies like the federal bureau of investigation, alcohol tobacco and firearms, and the drug enforcement agency are just a few agencies that require four-year degrees.

Vincennes University has been identified as one of the best value colleges for homeland security online degree in our recent ranking. The ranking considered tuition cost, financial aid availability, customization options, the type of program offered, and any “wow” factors.