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Law Enforcement, Conservation (ASCT)

Law Enforcement, Conservation (ASCT)

Associate of Science Career/Tech

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2 Year


Vincennes Campus

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A Two-Year Program Leading to the A.S. Degree

Available on the Vincennes campus

This program prepares students for a career in the enforcement of conservation law. The curriculum offers a broad base of directly related subjects in the fields of conservation and law enforcement.

The Indiana Department of Natural Resources (DNR) is one of few law enforcement agencies in the state that requires applicants to have at least a two-year college degree. Vincennes University is the only college in Indiana to offer an associate degree in Conservation Law, so it makes sense that up to 50 percent of the candidates who have graduated from the DNR’s Law Enforcement Recruit School are VU alumni. In the past year two years our recent graduates were sworn in as Ohio, Virginia, South Carolina and Indiana Conservation Officers.

The VU Advantage

An important factor in the success of the program is the school’s internship with the DNR. This year approximately 40 students will have the opportunity to spend time with professional conservation officers of the IDNR. These student interns will receive college credit as well as serve as camp counselors at the ICOO youth camps.

Career Outcomes

Employment Potential

Conservation Law graduates are not limited to seeking work from the DNR or even within Indiana. Because the program includes studies in criminal justice, criminal law, criminology, and criminalistics, successful completion of the program helps ensure that graduates are qualified candidates for position with various state, city, and county police agencies.

History of Success

VU graduates don’t just get accepted by the Recruit School, they consistently graduate at or near the top of the class. Because of the success and quality of VU’s program, students come from all over Indiana. In 1986 the Indiana General Assembly passed a resolution honoring the program for its success at both the state and national levels.
A number of graduates have achieved individual success:

Conservation Officer of the Year Awards in two states

Recipients of outstanding alumni awards

Promotions to high-ranking administrative positions

Completion of baccalaureate degrees

Graduates have been employed in nine different states from Virginia to Alaska

NOTE: This Degree transfers directly into VU’s B.S. Degree in Homeland Security and Public Safety.